5 Genuine Hacks to Fix Online Gaming Lag!

Before we start let me just quickly educate you with two basic concepts to better understand this problem and ultimately fix it for once. Bandwidth and Latency. Bandwidth is the total amount of data that can flow at a gives time between your computer and the internet, just like how water flows through a pipe, […]

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What are the weirdest sports in the Olympics?

Not only am I a big fan of the Olympics, I’m also a big fan of flags. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics and I like to guess which countries are competing by just looking at their flags. Someone named Ja’Kehis has a […]


TOP-5 Gambling Superstitions

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers It is well-known that 7 is considered a lucky number and 13 considered an unlucky number. So much so that it is not just gamblers who see it so but everyone else. For some reason 13 has always been considered a number that brings bad luck, especially to Western Culture. Many […]

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RNG Achievements (Best Way)

Infamous RNG achievements that makes everyone go mad. “Murphy’s Law” is almost as bad but can luckily, be cheesed using a HUD mod. So what is this way or method that I want to share? Well, when there is a group of players going for the same achievement, they would usually play together right? But […]


Timberwolf Grand * HUGE 10X Jackpot Wheel Hit

He’s away from 800 Like Take in the bank Any more than your And we’re gonna try got another put five dollars in this machine I’m up to ten And I’m going to try let’s get one of those jackpots Work that way Give me a jackpot one and then we get to spit again […]


The REAL Roulette LIVE RNG IMMERSIVE Secret System

Good evening, beloved friends and roulette gamblers now I want to showing you this website because, as you know, all my tutorials are very powerful full of knowledge and maybe like that, you can understand. When I mean that I really know what kind of roulette system there is. Now this website, this guy TCS […]


UFC 207: Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes Betting Preview

The UFC will end the year with a bang and probably a couple taps with UFC 207 which features two huge title fights at the top of the card. first up we have Amanda Nunes defending her bantamweight championship against the former champ Ronda Rousey. Nunes in a bit of a rare spot as a […]


Advanced Blackjack Strategies

If you’re a beginner and you haven’t seen  Blackjack Online Casino Basics article  yet, CHECK YOURSELF. And go read  that awesomeness first. In that article , we covered four basic playing options: hitting, standing, doubling down and splitting. In the article, we’re talking moves that help minimize your losses when your hand is bad news […]


The Birth of Bingo

There are a large number of different traditional games of chance in the world today, but most of these do not have a very clear history of how they developed. This is not the case with bingo, thanks to the hard work of historians who have traced its roots back to the 14th Century in […]


Blackjack Distractions

Keep in mind that there are some distractions that can be fatal. The problems are not so much from other players, but from the area surrounding the player. It may sound inconsequential, but a decent black jack strategy is to learn to ignore everything around the table. Too many players get caught up in what […]


One of the Most Popular Games Around the World

The game of slots is one of the most popular around the world. Every day is an immense number of people who crowd to the game both in traditional casinos and in online casinos. Currently, online casinos have gained important ground in the various games and patterns they offer, seeing benefit from the increase of […]


A short history of Bristol 2 litre engined cars

When the war ended in ’45 BMW’s Eisensach factory was wrecked and behind Russian lines, Munich was in the American sector and they didn’t want them making anything larger than a 250cc Motorbike. Donald Aldington was stationed in Bristol and heard that BAC was considering car manufacture as a means of keeping people in jobs […]


Memories from The French Trip 2009

Another tremendous success though a slightly different formula. This year we spent another week in other place because everyone loves the place, the superb food and service are superb and Brittany Ferries offer a deal that includes the Ferry. We then drove 230 miles to La Giruadiere, an old Manor House in the Loire region near […]


Peter Wilson’s Reminisces of Racing Bristols in the 50s

A danger is that, as one gets old, you always think things do not change and they do. Racing nowadays is very different to how it was twenty five years ago so I tried to refresh ay memory by reading up ‘Autocourse’; and on Monday night I went down to see Vivian Selby’s widow, Mabel, […]


My Bristol 400 Registration Number JEL450

There can be few of us who wouldn’t own many different cars if they had the money and the space. I certainly would and, as last year was a good one for AVI and my Bentleys have reached the stage where little more than servicing is required, I thought it a good idea to investigate […]


Bristol Owners Club of Australia National Rally in Noosa

In 2007 at the National Rally of the Bristol Owners Club of Australia, was held in NSW. At this biannual event the decision was made to hold the subsequent National Rally in Noosa in QLD in September 2009. Noosa is a holiday/resort area about 150 kms North of Brisbane on the coast. This was controversial […]


Brian And His love of Bristols Part 2

Brian May doesn’t have a website but probably does have the World’s largest collection of second hand Bristol’s and spare parts and what he doesn’t have he has made, so a visit to Peterbrook Road can be a life changing experience. Some Bristol’s are rare and historically important; they are eligible for major historical events […]


Brian May And His Bristols

Brian May probably has more Bristols and more spares than the Bristol Car Company! A visit is an almost unbelievable experience because he has stuff that most of us will never see in a lifetime, even a de-activated WW2 incendiary bomb! I visited him recently and spotted several interesting projects as well an immaculate 603 […]