Author: Armando Murphy

Bristol Owners Club of Australia National Rally in Noosa

In 2007 at the National Rally of the Bristol Owners Club of Australia, was held in NSW. At this biannual event the decision was made to hold the subsequent National Rally in Noosa in QLD in September 2009. Noosa is a holiday/resort area about 150 kms North of Brisbane on the coast. This was controversial […]


Brian And His love of Bristols Part 2

Brian May doesn’t have a website but probably does have the World’s largest collection of second hand Bristol’s and spare parts and what he doesn’t have he has made, so a visit to Peterbrook Road can be a life changing experience. Some Bristol’s are rare and historically important; they are eligible for major historical events […]


Brian May And His Bristols

Brian May probably has more Bristols and more spares than the Bristol Car Company! A visit is an almost unbelievable experience because he has stuff that most of us will never see in a lifetime, even a de-activated WW2 incendiary bomb! I visited him recently and spotted several interesting projects as well an immaculate 603 […]