Brian And His love of Bristols Part 2

Brian May doesn’t have a website but probably does have the World’s largest collection of second hand Bristol’s and spare parts and what he doesn’t have he has made, so a visit to Peterbrook Road can be a life changing experience. Some Bristol’s are rare and historically important; they are eligible for major historical events and were vastly in advance of anything else made at the time, yet Brian has about 3 acres of them! Engines piled high, gearboxes in rows, derelict shells with stinging nettles growing through them, lorry bodies full of anything and everything you might think of and amongst all this some really special cars. Of the six Touring-bodied prototypes that Bristol had made and that eventually became the 401, the company dismantled one and Brian has three one of which is nearly ready to go back on the road. Those of you who are in the BOC will have seen his adverts but still may have no idea of the extent of his collection or what a remarkable experience visiting him is. He is hospitable and friendly and loves everything about Bristol’s and will happily show you around and give helpful advice that may even lose him a sale. He just wants to help.

Brian bought his first car a 400 in 1966, it’s in one of the photos and since then he has collected vast quantities of anything and everything Bristol. At present he has about twenty-five cars in stock and these vary from ones needing major overhaul, to others that have been partly restored and just need finishing to good sound cars that are on the road and need enjoying. There are plenty more in a parlous state but I’m told people buy them to build specials though they wouldn’t make a recognisable Bristol again.

Obviously stock is changing all the time but when I visited, there were good examples of most models for sale up to an including the Brigand and spares for almost anything.

Brian no longer works on customers cars but he is old enough to retire, he spends some of his time singing and is in the process of rebuilding his house while his wife has transformed their garden so that the bits not occupied by Bristol’s are really quite beautiful.

Brian even sold a Bristol to Ex President of the United States Jimmy Carter but even he had to phone for an appointment so don’t just turn up, ring first to make sure it’s convenient. I promise you that it will be a day to remember and that there just isn’t anywhere else you’ll see so many rare and exotic motorcars and the bits that go into them.