The Birth of Bingo

There are a large number of different traditional games of chance in the world today, but most of these do not have a very clear history of how they developed. This is not the case with bingo, thanks to the hard work of historians who have traced its roots back to the 14th Century in the nation of Italy where it was first developed. Here, it was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia which is the Italian way of saying the lottery of Italy. This is the birth place of today’s bingo and that original form is still played there today, but it is a much different breed of game than what we know today. In the modern sense, bingo is much different and it was not long after it was invented that it began to morph as it traveled first north into France and then to the east into Germany. In Germany, the school system took interest in the game and decided to use it as a way to teach small children about numbers, letters and other signs that they would need to be familiar with to function in German society. After this, it would be quite a long time before the version we know today was discovered in primitive form at a carnival in the United States, at a tent just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Edwin Lowe was the man who came across this game, called ‘beano’ at the time, and decided that he would take it back to his native New York City and see if he could make a business of selling it.

During the experiment phase of his quest to turn beano into a game that many could love, a particular player who was helping Mr. Lowe test out the game ended up yelling out ‘bingo’ instead of beano to declare that he had achieved the winning condition for the game.

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