The REAL Roulette LIVE RNG IMMERSIVE Secret System

Good evening, beloved friends and roulette gamblers now I want to showing you this website because, as you know, all my tutorials are very powerful full of knowledge and maybe like that, you can understand. When I mean that I really know what kind of roulette system there is. Now this website, this guy TCS John Huxley, sell roulette wheels alright. So there are several types of Hulett like this one.

What you see here or this one alright, so this kind of roulette you see in casinos. Let me show you something much better so watch here in casinos with repair and electronic now. What I want to show you here is that this is the guy who knows what it does inside roulette.

So here is the programmer. This is the guy who knows what goes around the roulette. This is the programmer alright. So right now you see what I have told you for the last five years.

Over and over again, roulette is not mechanical. Roulette is electronic. Even if we talk about this kind of roulette, live roulette, immersively, red or orange roulette, all roulette are electronic inside them. They have sensors DC sensors. This is pression between the sensors.

You don’t know that, but I know what I mean because I spoke with one of them with one of these kind of programmers. They know how to be to let they know the mistake. Roulette makes now you see, how does it works? You see they have electronic devices, all the spins are connected between them. So when the number comes to the 32, the roulette knows exactly what numbers will bet next spin. So he knows that it will hit 4, for example, but you don’t know that, because you didn’t study that this is not something which people allows you to see all right.

So nobody wants you that you understand that it’s electronic, but let it’s all electronic all right. He’S all electronic, my friends, even when you see the croupier, that is spinning the ball. He doesn’t have the power to spin and to land where he wants to land. It will land always from the sensors inside the left in the ball in the hole which is predicted before he knows where he lands. Any time when you are playing at roulette roulette knows the next number it will bet, because it’s all electronic it’s set up, set up to land the ball. Well, the roulette knows now guys.

Don’T don’t learn me nothing about roulette. I’Ve made more than seven hundred thousand euros in 11 years, which I play professionally at roulette. I know what I’m talking about my friends. Don’T argue it with me about roulette because nobody knows roulette as I do and trust me and visit casino in Malaysia.

I am the only one who can helping you. Why? Because I know I have keep in touch with a programmer like this one many years ago, and I know exactly what kind of error rule at have all let are electronic and when you will gon na understand it.

When you were gon na learn secrets, you will understand why I be to let for 11 years now roulette it’s electronic, my friends. This is electronic devices sensors. What you see these pressure? It’S a sensor all the time when the ball will land, the roulette will know which number will hold will peek cop in the hole. So if you played for right now, the next pin, maybe 17 roulette, it will hit 17.

He knows from beginning where it will hit the number, even if you spin the ball, even if he’s spinning automatically the ball. Even if the true parry spinning the ball roulette will still hit the number 17, which is processing and recorded to spin in 17. He have a mechanism, he knows from beginning where it will land. Don’T argue with me, my friends, because I know what I’m talking about.

I have proved to showing you in my DVD 5000 euro tons of knowledge. I have students who you will gon na see in the perfect formula how they are playing, I’m only watching them and they are making tons of money. You can do that too, with my help. So right now you know how those things worse.

This is the programmer. This is the kind of programmer which I have learned 14 years ago. You see this is a programmer. This is a roulette.

What you don’t see inside the roulette. It’S all electronic good luck, my friends and if I make it with my help, you were gon na make it too